Weightlifting: More Dagerous Than It Looks

Weightlifting is a sport that deserves far more recognition than it currently does. Back when I was in high school, I played a lot of sports, including football, and of all those sports that I played, weightlifting was by far the most dangerous. While I did get hurt from time to time in the other sports, the two biggest injures of my life could all be attributed to weightlifting, one of which happing during the biggest competition of my life.

The first time I got injured, it was just during practice, bench pressing. I was one of those small guys who could lift big, and whenever you start working out with weight that weighs two times as much as you do, accidents are bound to happen. I was under the bar lifting 305 pounds, and my spotter let go off it too quick before I was ready for it, and long story short, I ended up getting the cartilage in my ribs all messed up by it. A sport where you can get that messed up just in the training period definitely deserves a lot of recognition.

Bench pressing isn’t the scaring thing about weightlifting though, not by a long shot.  The scary part comes in the form of the clean and jerk, where just one mistake can result in lasting and sometimes permanent damage to your shoulders, back, neck, spine, and any part of your legs. This was also the cause of my second and biggest injury. I was one of the few weightlifting to make it to the state finals in Florida, and I was there to try and win. But when the judges took my best bench attempt off the boards from me, I had to do some weight with the clean and jerk that I never even attempted before just to try and make it on the podium. I was doing a good job at first, but in the end, I ended up dropping 245 pounds strait on my right leg, and going home with nothing to show for it but a week long gangster-limp. I got lucky though, because if the bar had falling just an inch lower on my leg, it would of fell right on my knee, and it likely would have caused permanent, lifelong damage to me.

Weightlifters put themselves at serious risk every time they perform their sport, and it’s for that reason that I think that the sport of weightlifting and the fearless people who compete in it all deserve more recognition than they currently get.

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Why I Avoid Online Gaming

Whenever I hear someone talking about video games, and their experiences with them, most often they will be talking about how they “totally owned” the other team in some online multiplayer game. While I admit that I used to really be into the online scene, and played online so much that it bordered on addiction, I eventually got out of it because of one key factor, one serious flaw that kept on detracting me from the experience and overall making me regret being online in the first place, and that’s the seriousness of the players around me.

Of course when you play online, there is going to be trash talk. That’s all fine and good, and I have no problem with talking a little smack on the side and add bragging rights at the end of the match. However, when you get to the point when you cuss people out and sound like you are having a seizure just because your team mate makes a mistake, or just because an enemy is having a good win streak, that’s when the line starts to get drawn. People are playing these games in the first place just to have fun, and there is nothing fun about having to listen to a bunch of whiney players yell at someone new to the game just for not being as good as they are. But as much as I hated people like that, I was able to tolerate it. But there was one thing that finally sent me over the edge, and made me never want to come back.

One day, while playing Call of Duty with a friend, two people ended up getting so upset with each other that they were actually giving each other death threats over the mic. They were so agitated over what was going on in the game that they were actually threatening to end each other’s lives. Without even finishing the match, I turned my gaming console off, and I said never again. Easily one of the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’ve never looked back since.

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The Misconception About Pit Bulls

Whenever someone hears the word “pit bull”, most people will have thoughts about some kind of terrifying, vicious monster that only lives to kill human beings. However, after being around and living with several pit bulls over the past couple of years, I can say that that is just simply not this case. The belief that pit bulls are heartless, blood thirsty killers is actually one of the most common misconceptions I’ve ever encountered.

I’ve owned many different dog in my life, but almost none of them have provided me with me with as much love as my two pit bulls have. They are the snuggliest, cuddliest little things I’ve ever meet, and if given the opportunity, they will try to lick your cheeks for hours. They are proof that not all pit bulls are bad, and after spending years with them, I started to wonder how the heck creatures so gentle and caring could ever be portrayed in such a negative light. But then I realized that most people’s views of them are based on the ones that were abused and forced to fight each other. Is that any different than when we, as humans, used to fight to the death as gladiators in an arena? Should we then be referred to as heartless, blood thirsty monsters? The most common argument against this is that we as humans are all different, and just because one person can do something that is vicious, that doesn’t mean that everyone is like that. If this is true though, then can’t the same thing be said about man’s best friend? To think that all pit bulls are horrid creatures is nothing more than a form of dog racism.

The biggest arguments that most people seem to have against pit bulls are the statistics that are periodically released to the public about the number of fatal pit bull attacks in the U.S., and how they are significantly higher than any other breed in America, as seen here. However, statistics like these can be extremely misleading, for a multitude of reasons. For one, a lot of people mistakenly classify certain “bully breeds” as a type of pit bull, and considering how there are 12 different breeds of these bully breads, those numbers begin to add up pretty quickly. Another myth about pit bulls is the myth about them having locking jaws. Not only do they not have locking jaws, but they also have a smaller bite force then the current average for all dogs. More facts like these can be found here, and they effectively dispel a good number of rumors floating around about pit bulls.

In conclusion, there is only one real way to sum up how people should judge any pit bull that the come across: “blame the deed, not the breed.”, and while it is true that some pit bulls are capable of viciousness ( just like any other dog breed in America), it doesn’t necessarily warrant the demonization of an entire breed.

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Whenever I was younger, I used to always love going to Busch Gardens with my father for Howl-O-Scream. We would always go once a year during the Halloween times, and it become something of a tradition that we had.  We would always spend countless hours trying to plan out where we will go, or what we will do, to try and figure out how we can ride every possible ride and go to every possible haunted house before Busch Gardens close. It would always be one of the most fun times of the year for me, and I always hated it whenever I had to leave. But for some reason, we just ended up stopping the tradition, and we didn’t go to bush gardens for a couple of years. nobody knew the reason, we just kind of stopped. But this year, I decided it was high time we changed all that, and try to get the tradition flowing again.

So this year, we finally went out o the road to do it, just like old times. Of course, me being grown now I wasn’t instilled with the same child-like wonder that I had the last time a was there, but it was still an awe inspiring experience anyways. Busch Gardens has some of the best rides I’ve ever seen, anywhere. The SheiKra in particular is a one of a kind experience, and the only ride I have ever rode that makes me sound like a little baby when I ride it. And then there are the haunted houses, by far the scariest haunted houses I’ve ever been too, ad for someone like me who loves a good scare, I just couldn’t get enough of them. It was truly fun to get to relive my childhood again, and hopefully, I’ll be able to do so again next year.

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Deer: the most dangerous things on the road

Any driver that has to drive around regularly at night time will more than likely have a deer incident happen to them at some point or another. I used to be one of the rare few that haven’t had any deer related issues, but that all changed when I was driving my girlfriend home from a date a couple of days ago. I notice the deer a little bit in advance, but I was going at a speed where I couldn’t safely stop the vehicle before getting near it. It was off in a ditch, where it was clearly safe from harm, but it gets scared and decides that it is going to protect itself and get to a safer place……….by running out right in front of me on the road.  

Fortunately, I was anticipating the deer to do this, and since there was no cars coming in the other lane of traffic for miles, I got on the other side of the road and speed up in order to pass it before it actually threw its body in front of my car. it worked, but as I was passing, the deer decided to keep on charging forward, and ends up head-butting the side of my car as I pass. The deer was fine, and the only damage done to my car was a nose-print on the side of my car. Still, the whole time this was going on, I was thinking “so, not only are you going to try and get away from me by running in front of me, but you’re also going to try to avoid me by running strait into my side?”

Moral of the story, a deer is not a very intelligent animal, and if you see one on the side of the road, you always have to anticipate that it is going to run in front of you every time. Looking back on it now, there are tons of things I could’ve done better to guarantee the safety of both the deer, and me and my girlfriend, so do make sure you guys are driving safe out there.

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Could the Dolphins be Coming Back?

It’s been a tough road for the Miami Dolphins for the past several years. In 1972, the dolphins became the first and only team to this day to have an entire season without losing one single game. Although the 2007 Patriots came close, no other team in the history of the NFL has ever been able to have a completely undefeated season. With such a huge legacy that no one has ever been able to one-up, nothing bad could ever possibly happen to them now, right?

Wrong. Ever since that great season, the Dolphins have been slowly but surely going downhill, until eventually, they became the mediocre football team that most of us think of whenever we hear its name. How does a team go from an undefeated season to this? What could of possibly caused this fall from grace? These are the questions that Miami fans everywhere have been wanting to know for the past several years. But could it be possible that after all this time, the Dolphins might finally have their chance to make a comeback?

Right now, they are one of the few 2-0 teams in the NFL, and they haven’t been playing any slouches, either. In fact, their first six teams are all been going to be against teams with one of the top ten quarterbacks in the league playing for them. They’ve already won against two of them, and if they can win at least one more in the next four games, then they’re truly going to be a wildcard team to watch out for. But even if they don’t end up making it to the playoffs this year, they’re only going to keep improving from here. They may not be the champions they once were, but the Dolphins may very well finally be digging themselves out of the hole of mediocrity they’ve been in, and maybe they’ll finally give us Florida fans a good team to cheer for.

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Track Phones vs Smart Phones

For all of my life, the only phone I’ve been using has been a track phone that a received when I was in high school. As I watched my friends all make the jump to a smart phone, I just stayed back and kept my old reliable track phone. while track phones don’t have nearly the same amount of features or utility as a smart phone, they have just enough for what you really need (talking and texting) and they are far more durable than your average smart phone. I’ve dropped my phone more times than I can count, but I cant tell you how many times I’ve seen one of my friends drop their smart phones and have it irreparably damaged just from one drop. I’ve always considered myself a genius for holding on to a phone that could literally last me forever, but today, the unthinkable happened. my track phone finally broke.

I was completely shocked by this, because after all of the abuse I’ve accidentally given it over the years, I thought it could survive anything. my entire hypothesis about track phones vs smart phones may have been flawed the whole time. so now, i’m going to test if a smart phone really are as fragile as what I’ve witnessed over the years, or if they truly are completely superior to all the other phones, as they are advertised to be. if it can last me for at least two years, then I’m going to swallow my pride, and admit to all my friends that I’ve been wrong this entire time. if it last me any less, then I don’t think I’m ever going to want to hear the word “smart phone” ever again. all its fancy features and angry birds are all a nice touch, but is the trade-off really worth it if it cant even last you half as long as all the low tech phones of yester-year? that is a question that I’ll finally be able to answer sometime soon.

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