The Misconception About Pit Bulls

Whenever someone hears the word “pit bull”, most people will have thoughts about some kind of terrifying, vicious monster that only lives to kill human beings. However, after being around and living with several pit bulls over the past couple of years, I can say that that is just simply not this case. The belief that pit bulls are heartless, blood thirsty killers is actually one of the most common misconceptions I’ve ever encountered.

I’ve owned many different dog in my life, but almost none of them have provided me with me with as much love as my two pit bulls have. They are the snuggliest, cuddliest little things I’ve ever meet, and if given the opportunity, they will try to lick your cheeks for hours. They are proof that not all pit bulls are bad, and after spending years with them, I started to wonder how the heck creatures so gentle and caring could ever be portrayed in such a negative light. But then I realized that most people’s views of them are based on the ones that were abused and forced to fight each other. Is that any different than when we, as humans, used to fight to the death as gladiators in an arena? Should we then be referred to as heartless, blood thirsty monsters? The most common argument against this is that we as humans are all different, and just because one person can do something that is vicious, that doesn’t mean that everyone is like that. If this is true though, then can’t the same thing be said about man’s best friend? To think that all pit bulls are horrid creatures is nothing more than a form of dog racism.

The biggest arguments that most people seem to have against pit bulls are the statistics that are periodically released to the public about the number of fatal pit bull attacks in the U.S., and how they are significantly higher than any other breed in America, as seen here. However, statistics like these can be extremely misleading, for a multitude of reasons. For one, a lot of people mistakenly classify certain “bully breeds” as a type of pit bull, and considering how there are 12 different breeds of these bully breads, those numbers begin to add up pretty quickly. Another myth about pit bulls is the myth about them having locking jaws. Not only do they not have locking jaws, but they also have a smaller bite force then the current average for all dogs. More facts like these can be found here, and they effectively dispel a good number of rumors floating around about pit bulls.

In conclusion, there is only one real way to sum up how people should judge any pit bull that the come across: “blame the deed, not the breed.”, and while it is true that some pit bulls are capable of viciousness ( just like any other dog breed in America), it doesn’t necessarily warrant the demonization of an entire breed.

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