Deer: the most dangerous things on the road

Any driver that has to drive around regularly at night time will more than likely have a deer incident happen to them at some point or another. I used to be one of the rare few that haven’t had any deer related issues, but that all changed when I was driving my girlfriend home from a date a couple of days ago. I notice the deer a little bit in advance, but I was going at a speed where I couldn’t safely stop the vehicle before getting near it. It was off in a ditch, where it was clearly safe from harm, but it gets scared and decides that it is going to protect itself and get to a safer place……….by running out right in front of me on the road.  

Fortunately, I was anticipating the deer to do this, and since there was no cars coming in the other lane of traffic for miles, I got on the other side of the road and speed up in order to pass it before it actually threw its body in front of my car. it worked, but as I was passing, the deer decided to keep on charging forward, and ends up head-butting the side of my car as I pass. The deer was fine, and the only damage done to my car was a nose-print on the side of my car. Still, the whole time this was going on, I was thinking “so, not only are you going to try and get away from me by running in front of me, but you’re also going to try to avoid me by running strait into my side?”

Moral of the story, a deer is not a very intelligent animal, and if you see one on the side of the road, you always have to anticipate that it is going to run in front of you every time. Looking back on it now, there are tons of things I could’ve done better to guarantee the safety of both the deer, and me and my girlfriend, so do make sure you guys are driving safe out there.

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One thought on “Deer: the most dangerous things on the road

  1. Hitting a dear with your car can cause a huge accident. My grandma totaled her car in deer accident in New York. When a dear gets in the headlights of a car they freeze which is the biggest problem with car accidents into deer. They cannot move which causes people to crash into them. I am from New York where there is a car accident into a deer everyday so I’ve seen this happen multiple times.

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