Why I Avoid Online Gaming

Whenever I hear someone talking about video games, and their experiences with them, most often they will be talking about how they “totally owned” the other team in some online multiplayer game. While I admit that I used to really be into the online scene, and played online so much that it bordered on addiction, I eventually got out of it because of one key factor, one serious flaw that kept on detracting me from the experience and overall making me regret being online in the first place, and that’s the seriousness of the players around me.

Of course when you play online, there is going to be trash talk. That’s all fine and good, and I have no problem with talking a little smack on the side and add bragging rights at the end of the match. However, when you get to the point when you cuss people out and sound like you are having a seizure just because your team mate makes a mistake, or just because an enemy is having a good win streak, that’s when the line starts to get drawn. People are playing these games in the first place just to have fun, and there is nothing fun about having to listen to a bunch of whiney players yell at someone new to the game just for not being as good as they are. But as much as I hated people like that, I was able to tolerate it. But there was one thing that finally sent me over the edge, and made me never want to come back.

One day, while playing Call of Duty with a friend, two people ended up getting so upset with each other that they were actually giving each other death threats over the mic. They were so agitated over what was going on in the game that they were actually threatening to end each other’s lives. Without even finishing the match, I turned my gaming console off, and I said never again. Easily one of the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’ve never looked back since.

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