Could the Dolphins be Coming Back?

It’s been a tough road for the Miami Dolphins for the past several years. In 1972, the dolphins became the first and only team to this day to have an entire season without losing one single game. Although the 2007 Patriots came close, no other team in the history of the NFL has ever been able to have a completely undefeated season. With such a huge legacy that no one has ever been able to one-up, nothing bad could ever possibly happen to them now, right?

Wrong. Ever since that great season, the Dolphins have been slowly but surely going downhill, until eventually, they became the mediocre football team that most of us think of whenever we hear its name. How does a team go from an undefeated season to this? What could of possibly caused this fall from grace? These are the questions that Miami fans everywhere have been wanting to know for the past several years. But could it be possible that after all this time, the Dolphins might finally have their chance to make a comeback?

Right now, they are one of the few 2-0 teams in the NFL, and they haven’t been playing any slouches, either. In fact, their first six teams are all been going to be against teams with one of the top ten quarterbacks in the league playing for them. They’ve already won against two of them, and if they can win at least one more in the next four games, then they’re truly going to be a wildcard team to watch out for. But even if they don’t end up making it to the playoffs this year, they’re only going to keep improving from here. They may not be the champions they once were, but the Dolphins may very well finally be digging themselves out of the hole of mediocrity they’ve been in, and maybe they’ll finally give us Florida fans a good team to cheer for.

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