Track Phones vs Smart Phones

For all of my life, the only phone I’ve been using has been a track phone that a received when I was in high school. As I watched my friends all make the jump to a smart phone, I just stayed back and kept my old reliable track phone. while track phones don’t have nearly the same amount of features or utility as a smart phone, they have just enough for what you really need (talking and texting) and they are far more durable than your average smart phone. I’ve dropped my phone more times than I can count, but I cant tell you how many times I’ve seen one of my friends drop their smart phones and have it irreparably damaged just from one drop. I’ve always considered myself a genius for holding on to a phone that could literally last me forever, but today, the unthinkable happened. my track phone finally broke.

I was completely shocked by this, because after all of the abuse I’ve accidentally given it over the years, I thought it could survive anything. my entire hypothesis about track phones vs smart phones may have been flawed the whole time. so now, i’m going to test if a smart phone really are as fragile as what I’ve witnessed over the years, or if they truly are completely superior to all the other phones, as they are advertised to be. if it can last me for at least two years, then I’m going to swallow my pride, and admit to all my friends that I’ve been wrong this entire time. if it last me any less, then I don’t think I’m ever going to want to hear the word “smart phone” ever again. all its fancy features and angry birds are all a nice touch, but is the trade-off really worth it if it cant even last you half as long as all the low tech phones of yester-year? that is a question that I’ll finally be able to answer sometime soon.

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