My First Blog Post

Hello, world. I have never done a blog post before, nor have i wanted to make a blog post before this class, so i find myself at a loss as to what to talk about. how about i start with something that several Americans hold dear to their hearts………. sports! more specifically, how about we talk about Tim Tebow. was anybody here really surprised when he got cut from the patriots? the patriots only ever seem to want two quarterbacks on their team at a time, and Tebow had some stiff competition. there is another reason why Tebow got cut,though, and that’s his throwing arm. his ability to throw is just not up to par with the other quarterbacks of the NFL. don’t get me wrong, Tebow is an incredibly talented and gifted athlete, but back when he played for the gators, the thing that made him so great wasn’t his throwing game. The thing that made him great was that he could just hold onto the ball after the snap, run with it, and nobody could ever stop him. that’s all he basically was, a running back who got the ball right at the snap, and occasionally tried to toss it. but at the NFL level, there clearly isn’t a need for running quarterbacks.

My point is this, if Tebow would just accept the fact that he was made to run, he would be an extremely skilled and successful running back or fullback at the NFL level, but Tebow has made it clear on numerous occasions that he isn’t interested in accepting any positions besides quarterback, as he turned down several different offers for different positions while his career was struggling. i think Tebow just needs to man up and realize that he is much better suited to other positions,and while he is already more successful than most other people will ever be, i just feel that he could be even more successful if he would just give another position a try, and heck, for all he knows, he might like it. but that’s just me, what do you guys think?

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